Life on the Frontier

The game starts off on the northern end of the Atalan Peninsula, in the fiefdom Lachrymae. The lands to the north fell over a century ago to marauding hordes from the east. Orcs, giants, goblins, all manner of foul beasts. Dark rumors of black champions destroying armies with sorcery and swordcraft.

The allied nations have fallen back to behind the Bastion mountain-range, defending against the orcish hordes via three dwarven-made gates that straddle the mountain passes leading to Atalan.

Our adventurers begin in a small mining town Hammond, a day’s journey from the central gate. Two of the characters have been north once before, disrupting a slaver caravan and rescuing a tiefling rogue who had been enslaved by Hobgoblins.

Warden Caleb has assigned the three of them to investigate an abandoned manor a few hours away from town; reports have come up of strange happenings in the area. A passing battle-mage headed to the front informed Caleb of tribal magic emanating from the ruins.


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