Curtis what the fuck?

Why is Curtis bitching out and quiting the adventure?

down time character dialogue, sharing character builds and retuning character builds in town.
candy optional

Reafian: So, Var. what are you in to? I thought it would be funny and cool for us to expand our role playing into this forum, so we can better become acquainted with our party members while we’re camping. That way we can begin to understand each others motivations in-game.

Secondly. I was wondering what the full extent and limits would be imposed upon us when we get back to town to recalibrate our character builds.

Thirdly. once we are done with our finalized character rebuilds. Which IMO, should be the last time we get a chance to do this, we should share these new sheets on this forum to see how we can work together as a team. But of-course we should consider that in a RP sense we dont really know as characters how to work well together until we get the Trial By Fire situations thrown at us.

Please all chime in.

P.s. Chase dont be typical and reply with something negative. We did come to RP right?


encounter done!

so we played sat. at chases apartment, it was fun. as usual people brought food, and only for themselves. later a candy bar was revealed, not shared, and we all laughed about like it was cool. not cool. if you are gonna bust out the goodies, bust out enough. especially if asked.

the campaign…. it was fun, and really did get our butts kicked. but we survived, and got what we came for… so far. there is still another door to enter. found out that chase is really our most powerful attacker, he saved our asses when it came down to it. the paladin did too, but chases fig. deals a lot of damage if the dice are hot. and for him… they were.

the kobalds are a pain in the ass, you think they would be easy to kill, and they are, but they really mess you up in the process. ron and i were both left for dead at different point in the game, with the kobalds being mostly to blame. although the boulder really screwed us both up pretty bad. our magic user is gay. as in, he likes men, but that is pretty common with magic users.

we don’t play again for a while, that stinks, but think our team is starting to become a bit more cohesive, that is probably the most valuable thing we have gained so far. plus the knowledge of what every team member has to offer, power wise.

i still think we should all look over each others characters so we can better work together. knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses will be a big help to us all.


The Dragon born Warlord needs help, and fast. curtis needs to be able to heal himself, as well as gain some healing support from his team if possible. Looking forward to the paladin getting involved in the battle, the guard drakes are BAD ASS!!! and chase is in for some serious trouble, and needs help just as badly as our warlord (me).

the team needs to work together and come up with a way to handle these drakes, i fear this is not the last time we will be encountering them. we need a plan, system, anything that can help bring us together and make each of our attacks count for more then they have so far. i have a power that enables me to give major pluses to each of my team members that i just put into effect before we last ended the game. hopefully this will help with the drakes for now.

Deeper into Kobold Manor
Traps and drakes

The adventurers, eager to return to the manor after a bloody retreat in the first session, came armed with a fifth adventurer, the elven ranger Luthus. The first room is not empty; the two remaining kobolds were forced back to guard duty. The tiefling rogue, Rat-tooth, slips into the room like a shadow. Lusher was having a very human day; his stumbling in through the trap door was heard by the kobold guard who wasted no time pelting him with sling bullets. He called up for the remainder of the party, and they dispatched one of the two guards. The other annoying one fled downstairs. At the base of the stairs, the tiefling saw a large room with sarcophagi and a shrine dedicated to tiamat. Most of the skirmishers were out of range, but the nearby kobold slinger crouching behind a sarcophagus proved too much for the tiefling’s bloodlust. “Filthy slavers,” he whispered, and then missed by a mile with his shuriken, alerting the room to his presence. The battle that followed was treacherous; traps firing paralyzing darts threatened the party for a round or two, but the rogue’s nimble fingers dispatched the closest of the two traps. Fireblasts from the mage Val Thryshes and deadly arrows from Luthus’s bow dispatched the kobolds with a minimum of damage. The mage and rogue damage their blades attempting to open one of the ancient sarcophagi, to no avail. They descended another level. The next room Luthus once again shines, raining death among the kobolds across the room, hiding on platforms ten feet up off the ground. The kobolds had rigged a stone on a pendulum, and swung it down repeatedly on the mage after watching him blast one of their mates into existence upon entering the room. The party ran across the room, killing kobolds with crossbow and longbow, fire blasts and shurikens. Luthus and Curtis, overcome with bloodlust, launched themselves onto the platform. They were greeted with the snarls of guard drakes, who hurtled up the stairs from the lower level. Furiously attacking, Curtis took a massive bite across his chest. He shouted a battle cry and swung at the drake, missing. He swings again, and misses again. Fearing for his life, he leaps off the platform, rolling with his landing to prevent damage. The drakes snarl, and begin advancing upon Luthus.

That’s when the bowling party began and our game wrapped up. Luthus cornered by two guard drakes on the southern platform, a bloodied warlord and mage within sight range of the pendulum holding kobold, and another bloodied kobold who has gone missing down some stairs.

Will Luthus be able to act before the drakes do? Has the warlord exposed himself to another rock attack from above? Will the Paladin ever figure out how to break down the door below?

We’ll find out next week.

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