down time character dialogue, sharing character builds and retuning character builds in town.

candy optional

Reafian: So, Var. what are you in to? I thought it would be funny and cool for us to expand our role playing into this forum, so we can better become acquainted with our party members while we’re camping. That way we can begin to understand each others motivations in-game.

Secondly. I was wondering what the full extent and limits would be imposed upon us when we get back to town to recalibrate our character builds.

Thirdly. once we are done with our finalized character rebuilds. Which IMO, should be the last time we get a chance to do this, we should share these new sheets on this forum to see how we can work together as a team. But of-course we should consider that in a RP sense we dont really know as characters how to work well together until we get the Trial By Fire situations thrown at us.

Please all chime in.

P.s. Chase dont be typical and reply with something negative. We did come to RP right?




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