encounter done!

so we played sat. at chases apartment, it was fun. as usual people brought food, and only for themselves. later a candy bar was revealed, not shared, and we all laughed about like it was cool. not cool. if you are gonna bust out the goodies, bust out enough. especially if asked.

the campaign…. it was fun, and really did get our butts kicked. but we survived, and got what we came for… so far. there is still another door to enter. found out that chase is really our most powerful attacker, he saved our asses when it came down to it. the paladin did too, but chases fig. deals a lot of damage if the dice are hot. and for him… they were.

the kobalds are a pain in the ass, you think they would be easy to kill, and they are, but they really mess you up in the process. ron and i were both left for dead at different point in the game, with the kobalds being mostly to blame. although the boulder really screwed us both up pretty bad. our magic user is gay. as in, he likes men, but that is pretty common with magic users.

we don’t play again for a while, that stinks, but think our team is starting to become a bit more cohesive, that is probably the most valuable thing we have gained so far. plus the knowledge of what every team member has to offer, power wise.

i still think we should all look over each others characters so we can better work together. knowing everyone’s strengths and weaknesses will be a big help to us all.


The candy bar was eaten properly: a bribe for the DM and the rest for the mage.

encounter done!

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